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Why Use a Broker?

A Boss Money Mortgage Broker is a home loan expert. Given that a home loan/mortgage is probably the biggest expense you will ever have, it pays to get free professional assistance and advice. Banks only have access to their own range of products, so would they tell you if another bank had a better deal? No way!

How do we get paid?

Our services are free, as we get paid by the lender for doing the work that would otherwise be done by a bank manager and more often than not, can get you a better deal than going to the bank directly.


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Australian wide

Our home loan services are FREE! We service Australia wide and our home loans options are from over 40 different lenders. Free valuations and credit reports are also provided.

Keep it simple

Our outstanding reputation and achievements have made it easy for us to help simplify the process. We are qualified Accountants & Financial Planners - the experts, not salesmen!


A Boss Money Mortgage Broker will evaluate your needs to get a detailed picture of what you need from a home loan. They can calculate your borrowing power so you know what you can afford. Then from a panel of 40+ lenders they will compare all the loans to find the right one for you, NOT the bank. We do all the legwork and look after the entire process from lodging the loan to settlement.

ALL of this at no cost to you, a completely free service, that doesn’t affect the loan you receive and 9/10 we can get you a better deal than if you went straight to the bank.


My wife and I wanted a genuine professional who was thriving with interest and energy in our situation in order to move into our dream home. Tom went above and beyond the call of duty attending to our needs by finding the best product to suit.

Troy Stein, Director APG Projects

Tom has worked wonders for me on countless occasions. As a self-employed business owner, mortgages can become messy. Yet Tom has always been able to make things happen when others couldn’t. I value his expert advice, and now recommend him to my clients too.

Rebekah Hurworth, Founder and CEO - Family Home Experts

As an athlete, it was proving hard to get a home loan directly through the banks. They were all saying no. That was till Tom at Boss Money stepped in and before we knew it we were approved for our mortgage and we were on our way to owning our first home.

Luke McKenzie, Professional Athelete