Who is Boss Money?

Tom Uhlich

Mortgage Consultant

Tom spent half his career in mortgage consulting. He brings clients two decades of financial and accounting experience. Clients know Tom as an attentive, friendly, upbeat character. And as a meticulous organiser with a sense of humor. And clients know that Tom’s unique background and personality gives them the assurance that they are in safe hands when making critical loan structure decisions of any kind.

Most finance advisors are just salesmen. By contrast, Tom is an expert with in-depth knowledge of bank lending guidelines. He knows how to match borrowers with appropriate lenders.

Tom specialises in helping people in complex financial situations. He especially loves helping people let down by the Australian banking system.

Every day Tom’s policy-savvy team deal with a wide variety of lenders. They know the hidden catches and potential problems you might face.

“Unlike other consultants we are not owned by any of the major lenders. Leaving our people to accept or reject products solely on value to the customer. Before applying to any bank or lender, we subject each to an extensive in-house credit assessment process.

Most of our mortgage consultants have worked in lender credit departments with responsibility for approving and declining loan applications — we can talk their language!

Some of our specialities include non-resident mortgages, low doc loans, fixed rate loans and unusual employment loans.

We specialise in helping people with complex financial situations and those who do not meet standard bank policy.

Our company mission is to help people who are being let down by the Australian banking system.”

Tom holds an advanced degree in business with a major in accounting along with a Diploma in Financial Services (RG 146), and a Diploma in Financial Services Majoring in Mortgage Consulting. He is Commercially Accredited and an active Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) member.

Money Boss Pty Ltd ABN 45 615 548 144

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