Protect yourself, your loved ones, your mortgage and other financial debts if the unexpected should occur.

Paying off a mortgage is a long term financial commitment
If you become sick or injured, would you be able to cover your ongoing mortgage payments?

Let me introduce you to my business partner InsuranceLine, which is part of TAL. TAL is Australia’s largest life insurer, and protects the financial security of nearly 4 million Australians, so they know a thing or two about protecting this great Australian life. In the 2015 financial year they paid nearly $1 billion in life insurance claims and this financial year they are on track to pay $1.5 billion in claims!

InsuranceLine offers affordable and award winning insurance products that can help protect your mortgage and other financial assets in the event of death, sickness or injury.

Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance Plan can help look after your loved ones, whatever the future may hold. It pays a tax-free lump sum in the event of death or diagnosed terminal illness to help your loved ones financially should the unexpected occur.

Income Protection

  • Income Protection can help provide cash flow when you’re out of action through injury or sickness by covering up to 85% of your income. There is also an optional involuntary unemployment benefit to help protect against the unforeseen and provide some additional cash flow whilst looking for work.

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